Jacob is an adventure climber, mathematics professor and Bronwyn Hodgins’ husband. Jacob’s climbing accomplishments are wide-ranging, including a new route on Mount Asgard, 14b sport climbs, ground up slab first ascents in Squamish and multiple free ascents of El Capitan - but the climbs that keep Jacob awake at night are big wall first ascents on the worlds biggest, most remote walls.



First Free Ascent of Picaflor - 13d 1,000m - Chochamo, Chile

Free Ascent of Freerider - 13a 1,000m in 17 hours - El Capitan Yosemite, California

Free Ascent of El Niño - 13c 1,000m in 6 days - El Capitan Yosemite, California

“The Double” - El Cap and Half Dome in 19.5 hours - Yosemite, California

First Ascent of Welcome to the Wack - 11dR/X 1,000m - Mount Slesse, BC, Canada

First Ascent of Never Laugh at Live Dragons - 11a 600m - Mount Asgard, Baffin Island, Canada

First Ascent of The Niv Mizzet Line - 13a 400m - Unnamed tower, Baffin Island, Canada

First Ascent of Sea-barge Circus - 11d 1,000m - Greenland

First Ascent of Cosmic Rave - 12aR 1,000m - Greenland

First Ascent of Call of the Sirens - 14a 150m - Squamish

First Ascent of Balance - 13b 150m (ground up) - Squamish

Revival - 14b sport - Squamish

Discipulo Traidor - 13c Onsight - Spain

First Ascent Los Naguales - 13b 10 pitches (sport) - La Popa, Mexico

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