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An Anidote to Negativity

Edelweiss Athlete, Josie Mckee, shares her expereince with making goals to reduce performance anxiety and frustration when climbing. 

Mount Hooker - A Labor of Love

Edelweiss Athlete, Stefan Hadeed, shares his experience trying to find a new route to climb on Mount Hooker in the Wind River Range. He describes how he loves that climbers are always students of the craft, and that it's a labor of love. 

What is a Unicore Rope? 

With Edelweiss' line of dynamic climbing ropes that feature Unicore, climbers now have a safer option to consider when purchasing a rope. 

Unburdened - A Climber's Mindset

Edelweiss Athlete, Josie Mckee, shares her story of preparing her mindset for a hard climb. 

To Bolt or Not to Bolt?

Edelweiss athlete, Josie McKee, talks about her trip to Nepal with Savannah Cummins and Dawa Yangzum. They went to the Rolwaling Valley with the intent of bolting multiple sport climbing routes for the locals, but found that the act of adding bolts to the landscape was perhaps a tougher mental challenge than physical.

Through the Injury

It has been 4 years since the accident. Josie McKee's passion for climbing is now at an all time high and she is climbing better than ever.



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