Passion for expression and movement has always been the driving force in Stefan's life. Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Stefan found meaning in kicking and pushing around on his skateboard as well as writing music. In his teens his love for movement and expression took root in the mountains and has failed to waiver since. First starting to climb at Smith Rock, his love for the sport quickly grew to develop every aspect from sport climbing to alpine walls. Now a full time guide he spends his time not only pursuing his own goals but guiding people through theirs as well.



The Panic Room, Sport/Trad, 5.12b PG13, Lower Mill Creek, Utah

Gangster's Paradise, Trad, 5.12+, Indian Creek, Utah

Cactapuss, Trad, 5.12, Indian Creek, Utah

Jolly Roger, Sport, 5.13a, Mill Creek, Utah

Pissed Off/Angry, Sport, 5.13a, Mill Creek, Utah

S.T.F.U., Sport, 5.13a, Ten Sleep, Wyoming

La Pluma Del Condor, Trad, Grade IV, 5.12-, Cochamo, Chile

Ziji, Grade III, Trad, 5.12, Bridger Jack Towers, Utah

Come and Get It, Ice/Mixed, WI 6 M7+, Hyalite Canyon, Bozeman, Montana

Sacred Ground, Trad, Grade III, 5.12 Castle Valley, Utah

Thunderbird, Sport/Trad, Grade III, 5.12- PG13, Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

Crush the Skull, Sport, 5.12d, Mill Creek, Utah

Marihuana 5.13B, Siurana, Spain

Kenose Eskapa 5.13b, Rifle, Colorado

Social Man, 5.13 Pg-13, Mill Creek, Utah

The Bowsprit, 5.13a, Mill Creek, Utah

The L.G.S, Trad 12+, Indian Creek, Utah

Stefan's Favorite Gear Picks



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