Photo courtesy of Zach Mahone

Photo courtesy of Jon Glassberg

Stefan Hadeed

Hometown: Moab, Utah

Activities: Sport, Trad, Alpine & Ice Climbing


Grivel & Edelweiss



"The realization that life is absurd cannot be the end, but only the beginning." 

Albert Camus


Passion for expression and movement has always been the driving force in Stefan's life. Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Stefan found meaning in kicking and pushing around on his skateboard as well as writing music. In his teens his love for movement and experession took root in the mountains and has failed to waiver since. First starting to climb at Smith Rock, his love for the sport quickly grew to evelope every aspect from sport climbing to alpine walls. Now a full time guide he spends his time not only pursuing his own goals but guiding people through theirs. 

Mountain Resume:

First Ascents

    • The Panic Room, Sport/Trad, 5.12b PG13, Lower Mill Creek, Utah
    • Gangster's Paradise, Trad, 5.12+, Indian Creek, Utah
    • Cactapuss, Trad, 5.12, Indian Creek, Utah

Notable Routes

    • Jolly Roger, Sport, 5.13a, Mill Creek, Utah
    • Pissed Off/Angry, Sport, 5.13a, Mill Creek, Utah
    • S.T.F.U., Sport, 5.13a, Ten Sleep, Wyoming
    • La Pluma Del Condor, Trad, Grade IV, 5.12-, Cochamo, Chile
    • Ziji, Grade III, Trad, 5.12, Bridger Jack Towers, Utah
    • Come and Get It, Ice/Mixed, WI 6 M7+, Hyalite Canyon, Bozeman, Montana
    • Sacred Ground, Trad, Grade III, 5.12 Castle Valley, Utah
    • Thunderbird, Sport/Trad, Grade III, 5.12- PG13, Sandia Mountains, New Mexico
    • Crush the Skull, Sport, 5.12d, Mill Creek, Utah
    • Flashing every pitch at the Shinto Wall, Sport, 5.11d-5.12b, Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Photo Courtesy of Marcus Blatherskite

Photo Courtesy of Jon Glassberg

Favorite Gear Picks

Beal Joker 9.1MM

"I love this rope! Not only does it come in a super bright fun color, it also feeds like a dream! Being a smaller climber, I feel it helps give a nice soft catch. With the confidence of the Unicore technology, I feel great taking it out to all my favorite sharp limestone crags!"

Beal Birdie

"This belay device doesn't come with the same "clankiness" of other assisted braking devices. I don't even notice if I forget to take it off of my harness before I climb. I really apprecaite how strurdy the lever feels too. The whole device just feels solid."