Supereverdry - UIAA Water Repellent

Edelweiss was the first climbing rope maker to apply a SUPEREVERDRY treatment to its ropes. This treatment is applied to all fibres in both the core and the sheath; the benefits are self evident. In wet conditions the rope stays lighter since it takes on only a small fraction of water. It also doesn't stiffen due to freezing and dries out quicker.

All the Edelweiss SUPEREVERDRY treated ropes exceed the UIAA WATER REPELLENT standard. To succeed in this test, performed in a certified laboaratory, the rope must absorb less than 5% of its weight after exposure to a severe water flow. The results obtained by the SUPEREVERDRY treated ropes are 0.8-1.4% (average 1.1%) compared to the 40-50% absorbed by non-treated ropes!

How many other hydrophobic treatments can claim such amazing results?



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